Kaori Ito: my current Situation

On March 2011 the first modul-dance newsletter included the following text written by Kaori Ito.

Kaori Ito © Elodie Chapuis“My current situation is that I was in Tokyo and I am in Tokyo and I am in Tokio”.

When there was a huge earthquake, I was in front of the sea in Yokohama. The water came up until the limit of the building but somehow it went down. I was still teaching under the danger of nuclear for a while and now there is no light and water in some regios of Tokyo, the radiation of nuclear is getting worse everyday.

It is really unbelievable to see all these people suffering and to feel the earthquake every 15 minutes. I also am very worried to leave my family who are spread out now inside Japan.

There is a mentality of Japanese who has guilt to quit their works and still continue to work everyday in Tokyo, people are still working as if nothing is happening…

There is no lights or traffic light or water in some area in Tokyo and the rate of radiation is going up everyday. There are some people who cannot do their funerals because there are no electricity.

There 13000 death for now and this will increase if this situation get worse.

Please do something if you can to send some support for them. They do not have anywhere to settle down and unluckily it is getting really cold to survive for them.

Picture: © Elodie Chapuis


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