SÂLMON< Dance European Talents Upstream. Festival at Mercat de les Flors

salmon_petitaSÂLMON< festival starts its second edition. Mercat de les Flors and Graner remain committed to talent, to creators with new proposals, artists with fresh ideas, European and, sometimes, going against the current. A look at local and international artists in the framework of the artistic residencies offered by Graner, centre for dance creation and the European modul-dance project. A busy programme of events lasting two weeks, with different formats and diverse approaches to the body and movement.

The festival, that will take place from October the 19th to November the 3rd, offers a look at international creations linked to the modul-dance project. Other artists who were in residence at Graner while creating their shows will be presented during SÂLMON

SÂLMON< aims to consolidate itself as a space that gives visibility to different ways of understanding choreography. The festival includes shows, laboratories for professionals, spaces for reflection and spaces for meetings with the public.

The modul-dance projects included in the programme are:

The Loose Collective, The Old Testament According to The Loose Collective. 19/10/13 – 20/10/13

Drawing on contemporary methods of representation – cut-up techniques, choral scenes, beat-boxing and the postpunk diaspora – The Loose Collective proposes a physical and musical mise-en-scène with various elements from this extraordinary literary corpus, which today constitutes an expression of creativity and utopian ideals, human ambition and frustration.

Alessandro Sciarroni, UNTITLED_I will be there when you die. 26/10/13 – 27/10/13

This is a piece about the passing of time. It emerged from a reflection on the art of skilfully manipulating objects: juggling. The throwing of objects evokes the fragility of human existence. The idea is to strip away the stereotypes associated with this kind of circus in the collective imagination and explore it as a language.

Jurij Jonjar & Martin Kilvady, Still. 30/10/13 – 31/10/13

Still is a changing proposal result of the meeting of Jurij Konjar with an artists in a given environment. On this occasion, the Slovenian dancer has worked for some weeks at Graner with Martin Kilvady in a research process about the present movement, mobility and immobility, from the observation of what happens when 2 artists come together to improvise. How do we observe change? How do we experience it? What constitutes a useful score? What directions dictate the space between two performers? What inspiration does a score offer two artists who are performing together for the first time? Can it be a meeting space? What kinds of dialogue may be observed in real time?

Eugénie Rebetez, Encore. 2/11/13 – 3/11/13

In her second show, Encore, the dancer and choreographer Eugénie Rebetez, aka Gina, again presents audiences with a one-woman-show. Oscillating between clownish laughter and the stark reality of a foundering diva, her brilliant sublimation of the genre translates into generous sensualism, powerful movement and a serious, even pathetic image of the human condition.

Patricia Apergi/Aerites Dance Company, Planites. 2/11/13 – 3/11/13

The collective mind and body of the city provides the raw materials for the this work. Here, these elements have been re-evaluated so that the concept of wandering aimlessly in the streets (drifting) also applies to strangers, immigrants, people who travel for pleasure or because they have no other choice. This is a very physical dance, full of emotion.

Sònia Gómez & Lucy Suggate, The Inquisitive middle. 25/10/2013

Thanks to a modul-dance Carte Blanche. These two performers have coincided on what they call “the middle ground”, at an interesting halfway point where they try to help each other capture the impossible, quantify the elusive, and resolve choreographic dilemmas and theoretical enigmas.

Guy Nader & Mickael Marso Riviére, Matches. 30/10/2013 – 31/10/2013

Thanks to a modul-dance Carte Blanche. Guy Nader and Mickael Marso explore risk and maximum physicality to create an axis of survival onstage. A mixture of styles ranging from bboying to contemporary dance dominate this energetic, refreshing proposal.

Sebastián García Ferro, Impasse#2. 26/10/13 – 27/10/13

Thanks to a modul-dance Carte Blanche. This piece by García Ferro speaks of the continuous unfolding of each being and each of his steps, the conversion of each real body into the multiplicity of the representational body. And the need to make the real body coexist with the apparent body is also explored.

Modul-dance artists presenting other shows:

La Veronal & Lali Ayguadé. Portland. 19/10/2013 – 20/10/2013

The meeting between the two best-known Catalan artists on the current international scene, Marcos Morau (modul-dance selected artist) and Lali Ayguadé, has resulted in Portland, a show forming part of a series of small-format pieces, solos and duets, which reproduce the American landscape.

Cie. Chatha. Do you believe me?. 19/10/2013 – 20/10/2013

When the revolution in Tunisia started, Hafiz Dhaou and Aïcha M’Barek travelled to Beirut to work on a piece. Dhaou pushes himself to his limits in this poetical and emotional explosion, the result of the storm unleashed inside the dancer as a result of the Arab Spring. Cie. Chatha is a modul-dance selected company.

Jurij Konjar & Dani Espasa. The Goldberg Variations. 1/11/2013

In 2007 Jurij Konjar began to take an interest in Walter Verdinas’s video work about The Goldberg Variations, based on Steve Paxton’s performance of The Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach, played by Glen Gould and with dance improvisations by Steve Paxton. In 2009, a chain of events led Konjar to start rehearsing regularly, dancing the whole piece every day of the following year. On this occasion you will have the opportunity to enjoy the live performance of a new interpretation of The Goldberg Variations, fruit of a get-together lasting several days between Jurij Konjar and harpsichordist Dani Espasa.

Other activities are:

Arts mobility in Europe: drivers and barriers. 30/10/2013 – 31/10/2013

A two-days seminars conducted by Cristina Farinha adressed to managers, producers, distributors and artists working on the performing arts sector and to all those interested in the artists’ mobility in a European context. Seminar in English.

Inside the “how”. Laboratory with Martin Kilvady and Jurij Konjar. 2/11/2013

Addressed to professional dancers and advanced dance students. Both artists will be in residency at Graner in October. After a collision of two universes that are so close they are almost entirely different, this laboratory will be about what they met.

More information: www.salmon-dance.com

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