La Veronal’s “Siena” awarded by the audience in Barcelona

© Jesús RobiscoThe Catalan audience decided yesterday to award Siena as the Best Dance Show of the Year in the ceremony of the popular Butaca Awards. The piece was created in the framework of the modul-dance project by Marcos Morau and his company La Verona.

Siena takes us to the Italian city to initiate a reflection on the conception of the human body. It represents and has represented the passing of the centuries, and art has involved itself with human material in as many ways as it has found convenient, while artists have use the body as a container and projector of meanings. The piece is an exploration of the history of Italian art, in a journey that begins in the Renaissance, when humankind recovered its self-awareness, and finishes in the modern world. Is the absolute and constant need felt by human beings to contemplate themselves. Observing, recognizing the body’s forms, actions and presence, because, in the end, Siena is the desire to observe it forever until it all gets mixed up.

Picture: © Jesús Robisco

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