Interview with Marie-Caroline Hominal

Marie-Caroline Hominal is a selected modul-dance artist. Presented by adc Genève, she was selected for the project in 2012 to develop Froufrou. Interview done in March 2013 during a research period at Graner, in Barcelona.

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“ego breathing”. By Brigitte Wilfing

On my residency at ADC Genève I started out by researching the movement in my new piece ego breathing. This piece is based on a fictional scenario (although it is growing steadily less fictional in today’s world), in which even air, the last thing shared by everyone, becomes privatized.

Brigitte Wilfing_ego breathing © Michael Schultesego breathing is a performance and a living installation that presents an existential state of being revolving around the basic life sign of breathing and the will to grow as large as one can and to take control of as much surrounding space as possible.

The process of inflating oneself with a pneumatic skin restricts the biological body in a way that determines its movement as well as breathing itself. The breath is used to inflate the second skin and the performer’s extended muscles, breasts and even lungs store air. Read more of this post