Modul-dance video documentary

We’re glad to share with you all the documentary about modul-dance produced last November in the framework of the last modul-dance confence Conversations, that took place in Barcelona. The video contains an overview of the confererence as well as the modul-dance experience. Enjoy it!

Interview with Lucy Suggate and Sònia Gómez

In 2012 MOM/ELVIVERO proposed Lucy Suggate and Sonia Gómez to collaborate in an artistic project. Dance Pals was the first phase of their work together within the Carte Blanche programme in the framework of the modul-dance project, invited by Dansehallerne (Copenhagen) and Graner (Barcelona). The inquisitive middle is a production of the TNT Festival (Terrassa), Sonia Gómez-Lucy Suggate and MOM/ELVIVERO. With the collaboration of Dansehallerne (Copenhagen), Graner and Sâlmon< Festival (Barcelona). Lucy Suggate is supported by Arts Coucil of England.

This interview was done by Graner during their Carte Blanche residency in Barcelona (April 2013).

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Interview with loscorderos

loscorderos is a Spanish company selected by modul-dance in 2012 to develop the piece ULTRA_innocence. We interviewed Pablo Molinero during their residency at Graner, in Barcelona.

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Interview with Patricia Apergi

Modul-dance interviewed the Greek artist Patricia Apergi during a residency at Graner Barcelona to create Planites. She talks about the concept developed during the creation process.

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