Interview with Jasmina Križaj

Slovenian dance house Plesna Izba Maribor proposed Jasmina Križaj for modul-dance with the project The Very Delicious Piece. She talks about its development in this interview, done in October 2012 during the modul-dance conference that took place in Tilburg.

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Modul-dance experience. By Jasmina Križaj

In May 2011, the Slovenian artist Jasmina Križaj wrote the following article for a modul-dance newsletter regarding her experience in the framework of the project.
Jasmina Krizaj_The very delicious piece © Sasa Huzjak (4)Working period: from 04/04/2011 – 15/04/2011
Where: in Poznan, Poland – Art Stations Foundation
Who: Anja Bornsek, Cristina Planas Leitao, Jasmina Križaj and Tarras Some

Into the Out

Being in Poland was the first time for all of us. Have to admit I didn’t know what to expect. There was a chance that it will feel like home and there is also very strong and in my opinion still somehow “fresh” historical memory. In some way it did feel like home. Read more of this post