Interview with Liz Roche

Interview with Irish choreographer Liz Roche done in Tilburg in October 2012. In the framework of modul-dance she developed Body and Forgetting.

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Liz Roche presents “Interloper” in Ireland

Liz-Roche_InterloperThe Irish modul-dance selected artist Liz Roche presents her new work Interloper to venues across Ireland until the 1st of March.

The work featrures dancers Liz Roche and Henry Montes, actress Caitríona Ní Mhurchú and drummer Bryan O’Connell, with lighting from Lee Curran and set and costume design by Joe Vanek.

This eclectic cast of individuals comes together to perform a quirky and heartfelt dance piece that explores identity and belonging. Interloper highlights the bonds we make and break on a daily basis, and how we try to balance what we want with the desires of those around us.

Liz says of this experience, “As a group of performers brought together specifically for this show, we all genuinely felt like interlopers at various points along the way, questioning our place in the piece and wondering if we belonged. The inspirations for Interloper have come from so many different places – Dublin’s screaming seagulls, the yearning in Neil Young’s songs, timeless Chekov, hilarious and heart-breaking personal stories among the cast and crew, giddy morning walks on Foley St, the list goes on…Interloper has evolved from all of these places…”

Interview with Liz Roche. By Elisabetta Bisaro

Could you talk a little bit about the work you have developed as part of modul-dance?
My modul-dance piece, Body and Forgetting,  premiered on January 29th 2013 at The Abbey Theatre on The Peacock stage in Dublin. Through the structure of modul-dance and other partners such as the Dublin Dance Festival, The Abbey Theatre and Dance Ireland, I was able to lengthen my creative process and develop the piece in stages over a 14 month period. Through modul-dance specifically I had a residency with my dancers and musician at DeVIR/CAPa Faro in Portugal and also at DanceIreland Dublin.

Liz RocheThe work was influenced by Milan Kundera’s atmospheric and unsettling novel The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and presented an abstracted account of the themes, moods and characters from the book in movement with the constant accompaniment of a film and live score. I collaborated with Irish documentary and film maker Alan Gilsenan.

What connections have you been able to establish through modul-dance?
In general modul-dance has helped me to become more familiar with the current prevailing European production trends, put faces to names within a European context and make new relationships that have afforded me useful feedback. Read more of this post