Modul-dance experience. By Leja Jurišić

Summer 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Goran Bogdanovski (Kino Šiška, Slovenia) invited me to present my proposal of a new dance work to dance house partners of the European project modul-dance. He explained me the project and I said yes. The possibility to research, create and tour the piece among the participating houses sounded great. I immediately knew what I want to propose. There was a solo piece I wanted to do for some time now. My debut choreography was a solo, and I felt, that after several collaborative and group projects, the time was right to return to this format. I even had the perfect team in my mind for the work.

The end of September 2010, Lyon, France
Meeting of the representatives of all 22 dance houses participating in the project and artists which were invited to present their proposals. Three Days. During the day we had conferences and in the evenings we watched performances at Lyon Dance Biennial. It was great to meet in person all the artists and all the representatives. The construction and goals of the project were presented. All 22 artists shortly presented their work and proposals. Interesting people. There was a little stage with the screen where we saw mainly videos of performances that artists present. The conference hall with a little stage! The idea of talking from behind the desk didn’t appeal to me very much, as the stage is much more the place, which I know and understand. I decide to do my presentation in a format of presentation- performance. This is what I do and what I do best. Good choice. I got some nice offers for creating my new work. What I liked the most was that after the presentation we (the artists) had our own desks where presenters could come to meet us and to show their interest.

With the feeling of being taken care of as an artist, even kind of belonging, and more, getting offers for creating a new solo piece we flew back to Ljubljana. I felt very sick on the plane. Never happened before. No worries. Read more of this post

The creation of “Home for Broken Turns”. By Ben Duke

We began the creation of Home for Broken Turns at Station Zuid in Tilburg. We had two weeks in their fantastic studio. It was a new group of dancers so it was a time to meet and explore ideas. To begin a process in a residency situation like this is, I find, invaluable. The process of getting to know each other is accelerated when you are removed from your usual environment and living together in a bungalow in the Dutch woods. I had an idea about a group of women waiting for a friend/fellow/outcast to return but those two weeks in Tilburg made it clear to me that this was a piece about a family and the dynamics of that family formed in the Station Zuid studio.

Our second modul-dance residency was more familiar to us. We spent a week at the Place Theatre in London. It was a privilege to have so much time in a theatre space and to work with the technical elements of the show.

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Kaori Ito: my current Situation

On March 2011 the first modul-dance newsletter included the following text written by Kaori Ito.

Kaori Ito © Elodie Chapuis“My current situation is that I was in Tokyo and I am in Tokyo and I am in Tokio”.

When there was a huge earthquake, I was in front of the sea in Yokohama. The water came up until the limit of the building but somehow it went down. I was still teaching under the danger of nuclear for a while and now there is no light and water in some regios of Tokyo, the radiation of nuclear is getting worse everyday.

It is really unbelievable to see all these people suffering and to feel the earthquake every 15 minutes. I also am very worried to leave my family who are spread out now inside Japan.

There is a mentality of Japanese who has guilt to quit their works and still continue to work everyday in Tokyo, people are still working as if nothing is happening…

There is no lights or traffic light or water in some area in Tokyo and the rate of radiation is going up everyday. There are some people who cannot do their funerals because there are no electricity.

There 13000 death for now and this will increase if this situation get worse.

Please do something if you can to send some support for them. They do not have anywhere to settle down and unluckily it is getting really cold to survive for them.

Picture: © Elodie Chapuis