“Developing a living-room within the modul-dance frame”. By Tina Tarpgaard

In May 2011, Tina Tarpgaard published this article in one of the modul-dance newsletters. How does she work as an independent artist in Denmark?

Tina Tarpgaard_Living Room_photo Søren Meisner 1In the fall 2011 I will start the first residency as part of the modul-dance project. Together with my group of dancers and software artists (recoil performance group) I am invited to spend two weeks in the excellent facilities at the Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf. Later we will travel to Ljubljana to spend a week researching in collaboration with the innovative dance house Kino Siska. Both giving us a great opportunity to work focused with the concept we have developed as a base for our new production Living-Room. The performance will be produced at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen with the premiere on March 10th 2012. Read more of this post

Opening of the 4th modul-dance conference at Tanzhaus: Joint cooking session

For the opening of the 4th modul-dance conference at Tanzhaus NRW, the chef Pierre-Yves Lamaison and the modul-dance selected artist Coraline Lamaison lead a joint cooking session after selecting some international recipes proposed by the project artists and partners. All the attendees cooperated to get everything ready for dinner. The dinner was celebrated with Antje Pfundtner.

Pictures: © Andreas Endermann.

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4th modul-dance conference at Tanzhaus

4th modul-dance conference
What do you want to share with others?
Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf
4-6 September 2013

tanzhausnrw_Outside3_ tanzhaus nrw

Three years after the EU project modul-dance has started the directors of almost all dance houses from Europe and more than 50 artists and dance companies meet at Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf. The modul-dance conference concentrates at perspectives of networking and internationally based collaborations. Planned as an “open space”, the conference features a program of lectures, thematic discussion panels, lecture demonstrations, presentations, showings and an ongoing forum. The program is completed by evening performances of modul-dance artists, curated by Tanzhaus nrw.

Click on here to discover the complete programme.