Modul-dance experience. By Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz

satélites©s&v - Versão 6When José Laginha, from Capa/Devir (a cultural structure in the sunny south coast of Portugal) introduced us to modul-dance network we knew very little of it, except that some other Portuguese choreographers (Tânia Carvalho and Cláudia Dias) had also been supported by it in the previous editions.

The meeting in Barcelona, in November 2012, was the first moment we got to grasp the dimension of this network. It was surprising to see the variety of artists, programmers and their specific projects/contexts of action. Although big in scale, the meeting seemed to have the right balance of formality and informality for an actual exchange to happen, and we were caught by its intensity and the way everyone was focused to make it significant and useful. Read more of this post

Interview with Liz Roche

Interview with Irish choreographer Liz Roche done in Tilburg in October 2012. In the framework of modul-dance she developed Body and Forgetting.

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Emma Martin’s “Tundra”

Emma Martin_Tundra Luca Truffarelli © Emma Martin Dance 2014 (1)Tundra

In a nameless land, where there’s more darkness than daylight…he sat in the long white hut, at the table, tapping /his mother sat at the back of his mouth and the black sun was born/ the black sun was born

Tundra is a wild and dangerous place inhabited by a cast of outsiders, where tension and absurdity simmer and the unseen world stirs. Reality and fantasy blur as the characters meet their darker selves and strive to escape to an imagined future filled with hope and possibility.

Summoning beauty and transformation, Tundra explores the antagonistic relations between darkness and light and the poetry of heaven and hell erupting in and around all of us, via folklore and surrealist cinema. Emma Martin Dance presents a bold and ambitious show which will open the 10th Dublin Dance Festival, featuring an exciting blend of theatre, live music and dance.

Emma Martin’s project (2)

Emma Martin_Tundra © Luca Truffarelli (2)

“A nameless land, where there’s more darkness than daylight …”

(“Tundra” by Emma Martin DanceDublin Dance Festival, May 2014)

Photo by Luca Truffarelli/ © Emma Martin Dance 2014

Emma Martin’s project (1)

flying pompom

He got his strength up flush and in full glitter…” 

(“Tundra” by Emma Martin DanceDublin Dance Festival, May 2014)

Photo by Luca Truffarelli/ © Emma Martin Dance 2014