Interview with Tina Valentan

Interview with Slovenian artist Tina Valentan done in October 2012. In this video, she and her collaborator Luka Martin Škof talk about the project Working Title, where they analyze the relation between a moving body and the gaze.

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Itamar Serussi’s “Frost” studio footage

Studio footage of a new work-in-progress by Itamar Serussi entitled Frost. Filmed in Bassano and London, 2013.  Itamar Serussi – choreography & dance

Interview with Patricia Apergi

Modul-dance interviewed the Greek artist Patricia Apergi during a residency at Graner Barcelona to create Planites. She talks about the concept developed during the creation process.

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Modul-dance experience. By Helena Franzén

In 2011 I was privileged to be selected by modul-dance to create the performance Slipping Through My Fingers which premiered at Dansens Hus in Stockholm in September 2012.

In this project I deepened my collaboration with three dancers I have worked with for some years now; Katarina Eriksson, Moa Westerlund and Aleksandra Sende, but I also introduced a new dancer to the group; Elizaveta Penkova.

By my side was also Jukka Rintamäki, the composer I have worked closely together with for the last nine years. This time we were happy to invite Johan Skugge, a composer collaborating with Jukka. The duo performed live on stage, playing lap steel guitar and piano, combined with pre-recorded sound.

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Interview with Itamar Serussi

Itamar Serussi was selected for the modul-dance project after being proposed by Danshuis Station Zuid Tilburg. During the modul-dance conference that took place in October 2012 in Tilburg, Serussi talked with us about Mono, the piece developed under the project and inspired while buying a pram for his newly born twins. The advertisement said “In three clicks from mono to duo”. In effect, mono is about several effects, directions, decisions and happenings coming together, and thus creating something new. Things that somehow “click” in place as well. As his own life does right now with the birth of his two kids, the international acclaim he experiences and this first chance to make a full-length dance piece for the theater.

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Modul-dance experience. By Jasmina Križaj

In May 2011, the Slovenian artist Jasmina Križaj wrote the following article for a modul-dance newsletter regarding her experience in the framework of the project.
Jasmina Krizaj_The very delicious piece © Sasa Huzjak (4)Working period: from 04/04/2011 – 15/04/2011
Where: in Poznan, Poland – Art Stations Foundation
Who: Anja Bornsek, Cristina Planas Leitao, Jasmina Križaj and Tarras Some

Into the Out

Being in Poland was the first time for all of us. Have to admit I didn’t know what to expect. There was a chance that it will feel like home and there is also very strong and in my opinion still somehow “fresh” historical memory. In some way it did feel like home. Read more of this post

Emma Martin, “Hoffnungstraeger” 2014

Emma Martin has been named by the Tanz Magazine as 1 of the 3 Hoffnungstraeger (“bearers of hope”) 2014 in its yearbook. Read here the whole article in German.

Since the premiere of Tundra last May, the reviews of the project have been excellent. Read here some of them.

Interview with The Loose Collective

The Loose Collective was selected for the modul-dance project after being proposed by Tanzquartier Wien. Here, an interview with two of its members, talking about the process of creation of The Old Testament According to The Loose Collective.

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